Vintage 14kt Gold Egyptian Revival Graduated Scarab Necklace, Ornate Scrolled Filigree Cage/Barrel Beads, 16"

$ 695.00

Vintage 14kt solid Gold Egyptian Revival Graduated Scarab Necklace with ornate 1/2" filigree 4.5mm wide scrolled cage beads and oval connector beads. 16" long and 24.83grams including stones. There are 9 scarabs that are graduated in size from 1/2" to 3/4" with the smallest being onyx and jade. The next are agates, then a clear sort of amber stone and purple quartz or amethyst, then chrysoprase and possibly carnelian with a clear stone being front and center and the largest at 3/4" clear quartz. Each stone has the engraving on the bottom that varies by stone from fish-like, plant like and other markings. It is my understanding the carvings can be anything from a message, blessing, names of animals, Pharaohs, etc. The tops of the scarabs are similar but do have slightly different designs. Most have the V accent but in varying sizes and vary in placement as well. Each scarab is bezel-set in a bezel that is sealed on one end and open at the ring on the other but they are all secure. All other links have been soldered for security and also a sign of a better quality bracelet. It is signed A17 with maybe a 0. Inside the spring clasp where the jump ring sits when worn - it does appear to be the top of 14k. On the outer part of the clasp is thin A17 mark with the 0 or o after it. There is wear on the spring clasp from the jump ring and while the clasp works - you do have to push it closed. Given the age and possible uniqueness of this piece. I am not changing the clasp and keeping it original. I see a lot of scarab pieces but I have not found one that isn't gold filled - this has all the signs of being something really grand - from the varying sized scarabs, to the ornate gold scrolled cage beads and the fact that the connector rings are all soldered - you don't do that with costume pieces. If I were to date it it would be pre-1950 but I'm not an expert on scarabs. These are not the ancient scarabs but still very nice polished hardstone scarabs. This is a beautiful and unusual piece. I did lightly clean the stones and barrel beads - as they are a filigree type bead from dust and being used I noticed under magnification the build-up - I removed some of it but again, given the uniqueness of the piece I did so only lightly with a light brush and water. The other things I looked for was wear on the gold surface. Having mostly found only gold filled pieces, despite seeing the gold marking and testing the piece multiple times - I wanted to be cautious. I looked for wear on the surface that you see on gold filled pieces. I found none. My conclusion is that this is a true 14kt gold piece from perhaps the 1930's or 1940s, possibly older and that it was either a custom-commissioned piece or just a rare piece. I have not found a matching design in a necklace or bracelet. This came from a PA estate sale. This came from a PA estate. See photos WHICH DO NOT SHOW THE TRUE BEAUTY OF THIS. I'd call it good to very good condition, mostly very good with just typical wear other than the clasp as mentioned above. (Lot Locator Number Win. DUE TO PRICE, INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING MUST BE SENT INSURED AND TRACKED AT BUYER'S COST WHICH MAY REQUIRE SEPARATE BILLING IF NOT INCLUDED AT CHECKOUT. You can find me on pinterest under where I have my items for sale across all my venues categorized in very easy-to-search boards. You can find me in a general browser search too at and mariasvintage2 and also I am on ebay as sellername stampshopgirl. I do not store fine jewelry and for questions on fine jewelry please allow some time for a response. I respond quickly but sometimes I cannot answer immediately and need a few hours until the answer can be provided. I will combine shipping across all venues. If you pay shipping ahead, I will refund the overage. Photos are magnified so things will appear larger than they are and they are likely in better condition than the photos depict due to the magnification. Thank you for stopping by.

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