14kt Gold True Victorian Rose of Sharon Amethyst, Diamond, Pearl ring, sz. 6.75, 5.30 gr.

$ 595.00

Vintage Jewelry:   Vintage 14kt gold ROSE OF SHARON amethyst, diamond, and pearl ring - exceptional offering.  It is size 6.75, the band is 4.6 mm wide at the sides and back.  It is not marked.  It has a 12.5 mm by 9 mm (approximate) amethyst with a flat surface where there is a craved image of a stem with three roses and then it is gold leaf or layering over that carving and in the center of each rose is a diamond - it is a rough - almost natural cut looking diamond, irregular facet angles and shapes.  The diamonds range from 1mm to 1.5mm.  Then surrounding the amethys are six small seed pearls - some of them do have wear.  This ring is approximately from the mid 1880s and pearls have a life expectancy of about 150 years as they are natural and just break down over time, the nacre weakens, etc. I am a gemologist and can state this with knowledge and education to back it.  The band is beautiful it is a very ornate recessed and raised design of scrolls in a floral or vine type motif.  At the top side of the band there is a bar with almost a Greek column top band to it.  Under the amethyst there is a chunky ray design that comes out from under the4 stone - the ring is tiered with the sides of the band where they attached to the top pieces are lower, then comes the heavy ray look and then the pearls that stick out around the sides of the stone and then the amethyst on top with is held in my many crown-like prongs that surround the ring and hold it in place.  The ring is not marked but has been tested.  This is in amazing condition for it's age.  The entire rose is intact.  This would be from just after the mid 1800 through the 1880s. See photos but they don't touch how good this looks, nor the great quality.

From the internet is some information I found on what this ring is - it is a historical type ring - it could be many things but it was it's own category and style.  It is called a “Rose of Sharon” ring.  This rings became fashionable in the Victorian Era between 1860’s to 1880’s.  They were made after this time but this ring is not in that category.  They served many purposes - engagement rings, love rings, promise rings - mostly for a romantic meaning but they could have been presented to someone very special other than just a love interest.  They were rings mostly for the rich - especially the more detailed designs - which this ring is that.  There are some that are more plain, lesser quality, but this one fits into the upper end in price at the time.These rings can still be found.  They are highly collectible but finding them in great condition and upper end in quality does put them in the more rare category.  

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I found this beauty at a Pennsylvania estate auction.  

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