Sterling Silver Southwestern Shadow Box Turquoise Cuff Bracelet, signed MMM, 6", 26.03 gr.

$ 75.00

Vintage Sterling Silver Turquoise Shadow Box Turquoise Cuff Bracelet with a floral or volcano-like theme.  It is signed MMM.  Weight is 26.02 grams.  The inside measurement is 5" with a 1" opening.  The opening is 2.25" wide and 1.75" deep.  This is meant for a slender wrist.  The recessed shadow box turquoise accent is set in a sawtooth bezel setting.  It sits inside what looks like either an abstract floral design or perhaps a volcano.  I've seen other listings that list MMM as a Mexican artist however I am not sure on that.  The bracelet is thick sterling that is a square solid piece of sterling bent to form the cuff.  It is about 1-1.8" across the front of the bracelet and tapers to .25" at the back.  This is approximately 1960's-1970's age but that is not a certainty, just a best guess.  There are several MMM jeweler's I could find on the web but their hallmarks were not posted that I could compare.  One was listed as Cherokee Jewelry out of Georgia however, I did not see the hallmark.   It does have some typical vintage patina but I do not clean vintage pieces as most buyers I have encountered prefer the piece as is.    This came from an Estate sale in PA where I was able to get a few Native/Southwestern/Mexican pieces.

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